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The Way I See It (Blog)

  1. Seeing the Light in Grand Central Terminal

    2018-06-24 06:07:23 UTC
    The natural light that beams into New York’s Grand Central Terminal today is nothing like those monstrous shafts that bombarded the place 75 years ago. It’s unfortunate, I suppose, but that doesn’t mean Grand Central has lost all its luster. I could, in fact, argue that present-day Grand Central’s subtler…

  2. Dreamland on Film, Pt. 1

    2018-05-20 04:58:46 UTC
    I hit Coney Island with my Minolta XE-7, Rokkor-X 45mm f/2, a roll of Ilford HP5+ and a roll of Fujicolor Pro 400H. This is what happened. Ilford HP5+ Fujicolor Pro 400

  3. All the Frills

    2018-05-17 17:11:00 UTC
    My interest in Easter as a holiday is patently non-religious. But I am ceaselessly fascinated by the yearly Easter parade that shuts down a chunk of Fifth Ave., where all manner of people don all manner of “bonnets” and outfits in celebration of a day that I suspect for a…

  4. The Unbreakable Ektar 100

    2018-04-26 03:56:32 UTC
    I rarely shoot on Kodak Ektar 100. When I reach for a color film it’s usually something a bit more muted, like Portra 400 or Fujicolor Pro 400H. I also like the CineStill 50D and 800T. On a whim I picked up a roll of Ektar 100 (35mm) from B&H…

  5. Why I Suck At The Instagram Game

    2018-04-20 04:24:00 UTC
    Beware: I’m going to ramble about Instagram. Specifically, Instagram users and the games they play. Yes, I’m on Instagram. In fact, I have two accounts — my “main” account and an account dedicated to my film photography. I like Instagram but I’m not obsessed with it. There is no correlation…

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