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  1. Ghost Town NYC: No Blue Light Special on 34th Street

    06 Sep 2021
    I didn’t stray too far from home at the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic that gripped the world early in 2020. It wasn’t so much paranoia that kept me indoors as it was a general feeling of being suddenly disoriented – there was a toilet paper shortage, people were walking…

  2. Local Lens: Maddy

    21 Aug 2021
    Here are a few shots from my shoot with Maddy, a high school senior from Texas. Maddy is an actress and an all-around cool individual. You can book your very own photoshoot with me through Local Lens.

  3. One Year Ago: A Movement, Not a Moment

    31 May 2021
    Just days after the brutal murder of George Floyd by Minneapolis Police Officer Derek Chauvin was caught on camera, the world woke up and a movement quickly took hold. A year later, many of us are still here, still fighting for liberation. For me – and so much of New…

  4. Chopping it Up with Yvonne Hanson: A Few Insights on Documenting Social Activism

    28 Apr 2021
    From time to time I’m pleasantly surprised by someone asking me to speak about my experiences documenting protests and social activism in general. Most recently, Vancouver, BC photographer Yvonne Hanson reached out to me to discuss my process for photographing demonstrations; we talked ethics and mindset, motivation and inspiration. I…

  5. The Cost of Convenience: Amazon’s Garbage Christmas

    29 Dec 2020
    What is the cost of convenience? These former and current Amazon warehouse employees have some important insights to share concerning the way Amazon has treated its workers during the COVID-19 pandemic.  Featured: The Congress of Essential Workers, Rev. Billy Talen and the Stop Shopping Choir Shot and edited by Jason…

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