The Way I See It (Blog)

  1. Not Quite Utopia: Roosevelt Island

    Date 02 Nov 2017
    Roosevelt Island is a peculiar place with an equally bizarre history. The approximately 2 mile long island is situated on the East River between Manhattan and Queens and beneath the Queensborough Bridge, a bridge that apparently casts such an overwhelming shadow that Roosevelt Island gets lost in it. It’s not…

  2. Vamos4PR

    Date 05 Oct 2017
    Coming together to help relieve and rebuild Puerto Rico.

  3. Find Your Space

    Date 22 Sep 2017
    My photography revolves primarily around public spaces and the people that occupy those spaces. I love beautiful architecture and cityscapes. I’m infinitely fascinated by human behavior and how each individual understands and manages their existence. So I’m perfectly content to photograph each of these subjects in their own right, but I’m always…

  4. 3 Hours in Brooklyn

    Date 15 Sep 2017
    …Because there are few places in NYC I’d rather be as day turns to night.

  5. Rage Against the Machine

    Date 16 Aug 2017
    Pay attention. Get outraged. Do something positive. Don’t let silence and inaction make you complicit in the spread of hate.

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