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  1. The Cost of Convenience: Amazon’s Garbage Christmas

    29 Dec 2020
    What is the cost of convenience? These former and current Amazon warehouse employees have some important insights to share concerning the way Amazon has treated its workers during the COVID-19 pandemic.  Featured: The Congress of Essential Workers, Rev. Billy Talen and the Stop Shopping Choir Shot and edited by Jason…

  2. Courage to Stand: Justice for Quawan Charles

    08 Dec 2020
    If for some inexplicable reason you don’t know the story of Quawan Charles, I will fill you in briefly: Quawan “Bobby” Charles was a mild-mannered 15-year-old who went missing from his rural Louisiana home on October 30, 2020. Days after his disappearance (on November 3, Election Day in the U.S.)…

  3. Love in the Time of Corona’

    25 Mar 2020
    Social distancing be damned. Grand Central Terminal (March 2020)

  4. My First Roll: Lomography Berlin Kino 400

    23 Mar 2020
    I’ve said it a dozen times: I’m not much for in-depth reviews, especially when it comes to film. Don’t get me wrong, there are others who do film reviews that I enjoy reading/watching. But when people ask me about any given film, I respond in the most practical way possible…

  5. There’s A Hole in My Olympus 35RC

    26 Feb 2020
    This is the Olympus 35 RC. It’s a great little 35mm rangefinder camera. Lightweight, easy to use, really good lens. The 35 RC ticks most of the boxes that I’d want ticked for a camera in this category. Plus it’s got great build quality. Or, pretty good build quality. Or…decent…

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