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The Way I See It (Blog)

  1. 5 Ways to Enhance Your Creative Vision

    2017-07-14 03:23:00 UTC
    Repost of a piece I originally wrote for Lightstalking.com Commenting on the Hungarian-French photographer known as Brassai (Gyula Halasz), Henry Miller proclaimed that he was a man “equipped with no ordinary eyes.” According to Miller, Brassai’s “sharpness of vision and depth of insight are revealed in” his “photographic exploration” of…

  2. The Meaning of Life

    2017-06-27 05:44:00 UTC
    Many people, upon their first encounter with the often scantily clad, curiously unkempt Matthew Silver, assume he’s crazy. I assure you he is not. On second thought, maybe Mattew Silver is crazy — crazy about being alive. And he just wants everyone to live and love out loud like he…

  3. Yankee Stadium: A Legend in the Making

    2017-05-24 05:31:19 UTC
    The old Yankee Stadium — the house that Babe built, the home of the Evil Empire — is steeped in baseball lore. Actually, it may be among the most renowned stadiums in history, irrespective of sport. I sometimes wonder, though, if I should even refer to it as “old” Yankee…

  4. Tribeca Dreams

    2017-05-09 03:16:00 UTC
    So, the Tribeca Film Festival happened (April 19-30, 2017). If you’re not familiar, the Tribeca Film Festival was established in 2002, purportedly as a means of helping to revitalize the area (Triangle Below Canal Street) in the aftermath of 9/11. It’s possible this isn’t entirely true…

  5. Goodbye, RICO. No More Raids.

    2017-04-28 17:19:28 UTC
    As progressive and liberal as New York is, it is by no means a city devoid of administrative and law enforcement corruption. In fact, when you pull back the spirited, cultured blanket many of us live under, you will discover a long history of political misconduct. While NYC has achieved…

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