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Kodak Gold Is Gold

I don’t really do reviews. If I like something, I’ll tell someone why I like it. If I don’t like something…same thing. I don’t know why that should take 6 pages or a 35 minute video. Don’t get me wrong, I appreciate the people who are good at providing exhaustive, detailed reviews while managing to stay interesting. That’s not my lane.

So, onto the point of this post: Kodak Gold 200.

I’m a big fan of this film. Is it a “professional” film? Well, if you choose to use it for “professional” purposes, then yes. But no, Gold 200 doesn’t posses the same chromatic nuance of Kodak’s Portra line. And it may not possess quite the same degree of latitude as the Portra films, but it’s not something I’ve tested.

Kodak Gold 200 produces beautiful, warm, saturated colors and works well in a variety of outdoor settings. Shot in good light, grain is unobtrusive…I like the look of it. In less favorable light the grain becomes noticeable. I like the look of it.

The film dries flat and scans easily.

And Kodak Gold 200 is cheap. B&H sells a 3-pack for less than $9.

Kodak Gold is indeed gold.

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