Yankee Stadium: A Legend in the Making

The old Yankee Stadium — the house that Babe built, the home of the Evil Empire — is steeped in baseball lore. Actually, it may be among the most renowned stadiums in history, irrespective of sport. I sometimes wonder, though, if I should even refer to it as “old” Yankee Stadium, considering it only exists in the memories of baseball fans. But I won’t wander off on that fruitless tangent. 

The new Yankee Stadium (I suppose it’s not really new anymore) surely has a long, long way to go before any Yankees fan can even pretend it deserves to be spoken of with the same reverence as its forebear. Of course, I’m referring to what goes on inside the stadium. But what about the stadium itself, Yankee Stadium as an architectural piece? Well, it has been subject to criticism (this is New York City, after all), including the perceived ease with which home runs are registered. Oh, and the outer walls are higher, which effectively precludes the Bronx residents who populate the high-rises surrounding the stadium from peeking in on games through their windows. 

All said, however, I think Yankee Stadium is a thing of beauty. It may not (yet) have the “soul” of the previous stadium, but I do believe it is well on its way. I’m just waiting for Aaron Judge and company to pick up where Derek Jeter and friends left off.

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