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  1. Ghost Town NYC: No Blue Light Special on 34th Street

    2021-09-06 07:15:00 UTC

    I didn’t stray too far from home at the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic that gripped the world early in 2020. It wasn’t so much paranoia that kept me indoors as it was a general feeling of being suddenly disoriented – there was a toilet paper shortage, people were walking…

  2. Acros 100: Requiem for $8

    2019-05-14 19:32:01 UTC

    You know how when you find $8 worth of change buried in your sofa cushions and it totally makes your day? Yeah, I don’t. That’s never happened to me. The most money I’ve ever pulled out of my sofa cushions is 37 cents But a few weeks ago I experienced…

  3. Dreamland on Film, Pt. 1

    2018-05-20 04:58:46 UTC

    I hit Coney Island with my Minolta XE-7, Rokkor-X 45mm f/2, a roll of Ilford HP5+ and a roll of Fujicolor Pro 400H. This is what happened. Ilford HP5+ Fujicolor Pro 400

  4. Not Quite Utopia: Roosevelt Island

    2017-11-02 18:41:08 UTC

    Roosevelt Island is a peculiar place with an equally bizarre history. The approximately 2 mile long island is situated on the East River between Manhattan and Queens and beneath the Queensborough Bridge, a bridge that apparently casts such an overwhelming shadow that Roosevelt Island gets lost in it. It’s not…

  5. Find Your Space

    2017-09-22 02:45:00 UTC

    My photography revolves primarily around public spaces and the people that occupy those spaces. I love beautiful architecture and cityscapes. I’m infinitely fascinated by human behavior and how each individual understands and manages their existence. So I’m perfectly content to photograph each of these subjects in their own right, but…

  6. 3 Hours in Brooklyn

    2017-09-15 16:01:00 UTC

    …Because there are few places in NYC I’d rather be as day turns to night.

  7. Rage Against the Machine

    2017-08-16 18:10:00 UTC

    Pay attention. Get outraged. Do something positive. Don’t let silence and inaction make you complicit in the spread of hate.

  8. The Meaning of Life

    2017-06-27 05:44:00 UTC

    Many people, upon their first encounter with the often scantily clad, curiously unkempt Matthew Silver, assume he’s crazy. I assure you he is not. On second thought, maybe Mattew Silver is crazy — crazy about being alive. And he just wants everyone to live and love out loud like he…

  9. Yankee Stadium: A Legend in the Making

    2017-05-24 05:31:19 UTC

    The old Yankee Stadium — the house that Babe built, the home of the Evil Empire — is steeped in baseball lore. Actually, it may be among the most renowned stadiums in history, irrespective of sport. I sometimes wonder, though, if I should even refer to it as “old” Yankee…

  10. Tribeca Dreams

    2017-05-09 03:16:00 UTC

    So, the Tribeca Film Festival happened (April 19-30, 2017). If you’re not familiar, the Tribeca Film Festival was established in 2002, purportedly as a means of helping to revitalize the area (Triangle Below Canal Street) in the aftermath of 9/11. It’s possible this isn’t entirely true…

  11. Head in the Clouds: Visions of a Cloud Covered City

    2017-03-31 15:53:00 UTC

    I love rainy/foggy/cloudy days in NYC. Most people don’t enjoy dreary weather conditions but I see it as an opportunity to experience the city with an extra layer of visual dynamism. It never gets old.

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