Living My Best Life: My Week As A TruLife Acrylic Feature Photographer

Way back in 2016 I wrote an article for LightStalking that addressed a few options that are available for people who want to make fine art prints – you know, metal, canvas, acrylic. It was a relatively popular article, but it lived its life, served its purpose, and everyone moved on. A few months after the article was published I got an e-mail from some company called TruLife Acrylic, offering me complimentary print of one of my photos on their apparently revolutionary acrylic mounting surface. I accepted. Why not? They seemed legit and I figured their acrylic products couldn’t be any worse than the others I’d tried up to that point. So I sent over a shot that I thought might work well.

The print landed at my door a couple of weeks later and IT WAS AWESOME. So crisp and colorful. The whole frame is solidly built. They really know what they’re doing over there. 

Fast forward to 2018 and I was invited to be a TruLife Acrylic Feature Photographer. 

They like me, they really like me!

And I like them, too. Everyone I’ve communicated with has been a pleasure. They’re good people, and I’m not just saying that because I got a free print from them. Anyway, you can watch my video interview with Mike from TruLife Acrylic below and click here to read the full profile. Check out the TruLife Acrylic Instagram to see four additional images they were kind enough to share with the world.

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Featured as one of the top photographers in New York City

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