This is New York (Street Hop)

There’s something rhythmic in this woman’s gesture. There’s an elegance, a gracefulness. It’s as if she is dancing in the shadows, performing an impromptu street ballet or, perhaps, a Fifth Avenue foxtrot. 

But no.

In reality she is jaywalking. In addition to the suaveness of her motion, there’s an apparent sense of urgency – maybe she’s late for something, maybe she’s trying to out-hustle the impending onslaught of traffic. Probably both. 

Jaywalking is a New York pastime. Everybody does it, but not everyone can do it so stylishly.

Sony a7ii | 35mm @f/4.5

4x6 and 8x12 prints of “Street Hop” are available here.

Copyright © Jason D. Little. All rights reserved.
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