My Afternoon With Ed Verosky

Ed Verosky is a talented photographer. Just check out his portraiture and any of his e-books and I’m sure you’ll come away with the same opinion. Plus, if you want to learn lighting, Ed’s your guy. 

I’ve known Ed for a while. I don’t know exactly how long, though…because Internet Years and In Real Life Years don’t always sync up. But it’s been long enough to know he’s as nice a person as he is a talented photographer (and videographer, as you’ll see). So when Ed and his wife Dedra came out to NYC for a few days, I was pretty stoked to hang out with them.

We walked around a little bit, talked about New York and taking photos and Chinese food and Dedra’s Canon AE-1 loaded with Fuji Superia 800. Thanks to the skill of the Verosky duo, I think a pretty nice video came out of it all. 

Check it out:

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