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Ilford HP5+ for Architecture? Yes, Please

Normally when I shoot architecture (outdoor) on film I use a slower film. One of my favorites for this task – no, my very favorite – is Rollei Retro 80s. I also liked Acros 100, but we know how that story has played out.

The last time I had the urge to shoot some architecture I didn’t have any Rollei Retro 80s and B&H didn’t have it in stock. So I channeled my inner Funk Doctor Spock and said, “Whateva man.” I threw a roll of Ilford HP5+ in my Olympus OM-2n, grabbed a 50mm and a 28mm lens and hopped on a 5 train downtown.

I made a couple of stops along the way and ultimately found myself on Church St. without much of a plan, so I walked over to the Oculus.

The position of the sun in the sky at around 5pm was creating the kind of shadows I simply couldn’t resist. 

All shots:

Olympus OM-2n, Ilford HP5+ @400, developed in HC-110 (dilution E) for 7:30 at 20℃.

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