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  1. Love in the Time of Corona’

    2020-03-25 02:31:47 UTC

    Social distancing be damned. Grand Central Terminal (March 2020)

  2. 36 Shots in the Dark: Shooting Kodak Portra 800 At 3200

    2019-09-16 02:38:59 UTC

    Some time last year I marveled at the resilience of color negative film after exposing a roll of Kodak Ektar (which has a box speed of 100) at 1600. I didn’t bother pushing the film in development; I was prepared to take the “L” and keep it moving Yet, when…

  3. Acros 100: Requiem for $8

    2019-05-14 19:32:01 UTC

    You know how when you find $8 worth of change buried in your sofa cushions and it totally makes your day? Yeah, I don’t. That’s never happened to me. The most money I’ve ever pulled out of my sofa cushions is 37 cents But a few weeks ago I experienced…

  4. All the Frills

    2018-05-17 17:11:00 UTC

    My interest in Easter as a holiday is patently non-religious. But I am ceaselessly fascinated by the yearly Easter parade that shuts down a chunk of Fifth Ave., where all manner of people don all manner of “bonnets” and outfits in celebration of a day that I suspect for a…

  5. Dark Winter

    2018-03-13 06:13:10 UTC

    Never too boldly declare winter in New York to be “over” any time before April. You’ll probably be wrong. Every self-respecting New Yorker know this, so I guess I’m just putting it out there for recent transplants and tourists. To bolster my assertion, I present to you a series of…

  6. New York on the Line

    2017-11-30 02:28:33 UTC

    “New York on the Line” started as an ongoing street photography project on this very website. It is now available in book form. The ebook can be found here for $8.99. Click here for print versions of the book. My sincerest gratitude to everyone who has picked up a copy…

  7. Find Your Space

    2017-09-22 02:45:00 UTC

    My photography revolves primarily around public spaces and the people that occupy those spaces. I love beautiful architecture and cityscapes. I’m infinitely fascinated by human behavior and how each individual understands and manages their existence. So I’m perfectly content to photograph each of these subjects in their own right, but…

  8. The Meaning of Life

    2017-06-27 05:44:00 UTC

    Many people, upon their first encounter with the often scantily clad, curiously unkempt Matthew Silver, assume he’s crazy. I assure you he is not. On second thought, maybe Mattew Silver is crazy — crazy about being alive. And he just wants everyone to live and love out loud like he…

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