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  1. Why Do So Many Instagram Photos Look Alike? Here’s Why

    2018-08-16 02:10:00 UTC

    Originally posted at Lightstalking.com It will come as a surprise to no one who is at least casually acquainted with me that I have a love-hate relationship with Instagram, as I’m sure many others do also. There’s the whole “follow-for-follow” game that seems to pervade Instagram and the indecipherable algorithm…

  2. Why I Suck At The Instagram Game

    2018-04-20 04:24:00 UTC

    Beware: I’m going to ramble about Instagram. Specifically, Instagram users and the games they play. Yes, I’m on Instagram. In fact, I have two accounts — my “main” account and an account dedicated to my film photography. I like Instagram but I’m not obsessed with it. There is no correlation…

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