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  1. A Long Walk Through Long Island City

    2022-04-15 03:03:15 UTC

    Cameras: Bronica SQ-A, Minolta XE-7 Lenses: Bronica Zenzanon-PS 80mm f/2.8, Minolta Rokkor-X 45mm f/2 Film: Ilford HP5+ Location: Long Island City, Queens, NYC Email to book your shoot today!

  2. Let The Sunshine In: Light Leaks & My Minolta XE-7

    2019-03-15 01:19:53 UTC

    The Minolta XE-7 is one of my favorite cameras. When it comes to film cameras, I have a soft spot for Minolta for some reason and the XE-7 sits near the top of the heap. It’s amazingly sturdy and it’s heavy. And that shutter is oh so satisfying to click…

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