WTC Oculus: A Love Story

New York's infamous Oculus. Under normal circumstances I'd say it's much too soon to bestow a mark of infamy upon such a recently erected structure, but so much controversy has swirled around this place that it was inevitably going to take a front row seat in the psyche of most New Yorkers, whether we wanted it to or not.
For starters, just about anything that is proposed to be built on Ground Zero is going to ruffle the feathers of some people. But this is New York and building projects don't care about your feelings.
Second, from the moment we glimpsed the design of the centerpiece of this new World Trade Center Transportation Hub -- "The Oculus" -- half (or more) of the city hated it. "It looks like a beached whale carcass," critics snorted.
Last, the cost. $4 billion dollars. Of public money.
Financial extravagance aside, I love it. I don't see a whale carcass when I look at it. And sure, I suppose I can see the architect's original vision of a dove's wings, but my mind usually goes to something better...something more space-agey and geeky. 
All in all, the Oculus, to me, is one of the most elegant structures in NYC.

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